In Togliatti opened a new automated production

In Togliatti opened a new production, fully meets the principles of innovation and technology of the future. There are literally built from scratch a fully automatic plant where the input can download a simple sheet metal, and the output for — anything.


The philosophy of the equipment incorporated in the title line — «Night Train» — «Night Train." While everyone is asleep, it works. Almost without human intervention and without stopping completely. The entire cycle is automated. The robot removes from shelves and takes the necessary blanks to machine tools. Their Line 5 — 4 laser systems and one bending. Sheet metal, they can work wonders. On the way out you can get anything you want — from the desktop to the locker huge fan of underground.

The enterprise "Lada-FLEKT" the main task of the line — the production of ventilation systems for industrial, energy, offices and transport. A similar line provider — "Prima Power" — in Russia is not yet established. In our market Tolyatti company — a pioneer.

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