In Togliatti (Samara region). Launched a new production of the Civil Code Factory Quality

At the production site of the Civil Code "factory quality" — one of the largest meat processing companies in Russia, on May 16 the launch of a new high-tech manufacturing site acceptance, processing and storage of chilled raw materials.

The project is carried out within three years of the Austrian company "Norbert Schaller Gez.m.b.H" and German Begarat (BEGARAT VERTRIEBS-UND SERVICE GmbH), is the only one in Russia — the severe temperature to today no one other meat processing plant. GOST acting since Soviet times, allows the temperature of 12 degrees, here automation of processes and the fact that the raw materials in the Euro packaging conveyors moves on the ceiling, to reduce the temperature in the shop up to six degrees. This allows you to raise the level of health at work to an entirely new level, increase the storage of raw materials, improve the quality of the finished product. Thus, the "Factory" completely consistent with Russian quality standards, already moving to a more stringent European standards.

The new workshop will operate a total of 240 experts. Human participation in this production is kept to a minimum — the conveyor is equipped with automated equipment, controlling outgoing quality raw materials. Substandard — is removed from the line automatically. In addition, the production technology include computer control of the quality of raw materials at all stages. ISIT system allows a bar code to receive and store all the information in the computer virtually every piece of meat: raw materials delivered from the conditions in which transported, meat quality characteristics at the time of acceptance and at all stages of treatment, weight control for each control point, the analysis of compliance technological standards and many other essential in the production of information.

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