In Tomsk, a workshop was held for metrology and instrumentation engineers

February 9 at JSC "Manotom" was held technical seminar for consumer companies manometric products.

The workshop brought together about 50 representatives from 27 companies, not only from Tomsk and Tomsk region, but also large enterprises of Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Omsk.

This time, a leading manufacturer and developer of gauges introduced more than 40 existing upgraded appliances and devices, from kotoryh15 — is the development of the past year.

"Manotom" presented the new items in the group of units in buildings made of stainless steel, including corrosion.

Demonstrated workstations verification officer (AWP). In the direction of the defense industry — a new development for the Navy — Depth Gauge GM-08. It was widely represented the direction of the auxiliary valves.


Feedback from the participants, the workshop was highly appreciated, it is intended to make the traditional.


JSC "Manotom" — a leading instrument manufacturer for the production of technical gauges, marine, rail, and other corrosion-resistant, including tropical-export and export versions, as well as pressure and temperature sensors, digital pressure gauges, manometric thermometers for temperature and pressure for domestic boilers. In addition, the company is the only manufacturer of special purpose mechanical gauges for the Ministry of Defence in cases of a diameter of 100 and 160 mm. Thanks to decades of proven reliability Tomsk gauges are used in the power industry, metallurgy, petrochemical, shipbuilding, railways and other industries that require measurement of pressure and vacuum pressure.

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