In Tomsk, after 4 years of renovation opened Theatre for Young Audiences

Tomsk Youth Theatre opens on April 20 after a four overhaul the premiere of "The Marriage" on the play NV Gogol. Directed by Alexander Vlasov productions invited from Moscow.

As explained by the theater director Vladimir Kozachenko, in general, the renovation of the building has been spent 250 million rubles, of which almost 100 million — for the purchase of equipment for the big stage.

Technical equipment — light and sound — Theatre for Young People no longer lags behind the leading Russian scenes. At this point in the Youth Theatre installed more than 300 units of light vehicles, the new director’s control panel, installed a new revolving circle.

  • opening a small theater scene took place in October 2011
  • opening a small theater scene took place in October 2011


On the basis of the Theater of Young Spectators will be implemented two innovative projects — a new theater audience and the center of the theater pedagogy, which will operate as an educational project for children — from the smallest to the students. Both of these projects are included in the "cluster of creative industries" — the 12 priority projects of cultural Tomsk.

Theatre will bring a new audience to the new forms of traditional theater. As part of this trend is supposed to implement ambitious cultural projects, new reading and dramatization of classic and contemporary plays.

Currently Youth Theater troupe of about 30 people, all in the theater employs about 100 people.


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