In Tomsk airport international terminal is open

The International Terminal — crossing point across the border — inaugurated the building of Tomsk airport. The morning of May 16, from Tomsk has been sent to the first tourist trip abroad — to Antalya.

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Airport "Tomsk" received international status in 2010, by 2012, the terminal building was reconstructed by increasing the area three times.

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Recall that in April 2010, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed a decree on awarding the Tomsk airport international status for the duration of the special economic zones — until 2025. After which began a large-scale reconstruction of the airport terminal was planned to send 1.6 billion.

In February of this year, the international status of the Tomsk airport wasextendeduntil 2055. This decision was taken due to the prolongation of the period of functioning of the Tomsk SEZ — Economic Development, the regional administration and the municipalitysignedadditional agreement under which its period of existence extended to 2055.

"Prior to 1991, Tomsk was a closed city, where there was not a single foreigner. And today in our city study, work and live thousands of foreigners. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the international airport for the Tomsk students, businesses, innovation and investment, international cooperation. I hope that the geography of flights will grow — we work hard to ensure that apart from charter flights to the holidays we have had regular flights to aknit the region with Europe and Asia, the near and far abroad ", — said the head of the region Sergei Zhvachkin at the opening ceremony.
"At the moment we are considering flying to Central Asia — in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as in Germany. In the summer program does not fall clearly, but hope that this year’s winter new scheduled destinations already appear "- told a news conference airport director Victor Schendel.

He said that the cost of reconstruction of the terminal amounted to one billion rubles. Investors were regional administration and «Novaport." Tomsk’s contractor was "TDSK" to perform the work in 19 months instead of the planned 25-minute. After the opening of crossings across the state border, for equipment which took 200 million rubles, passenger traffic will increase by 40,000 people.

Add the opening across the state border checkpoint was scheduled for July 1. However, the Deputy Governor for Industry and Energy, Leonid Reznikov said that the opening of the terminal can be held before an innovative forum to be held in Tomsk on May 22-23. On the eve of the Tomsk airport wassentthe first international flight to Turkey.

PS I hope the summer will be less snow.

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