In Tomsk arrived two mobile boiler (photo, video)

In Tomsk came two portable liquid fuel boilers, acquired by the regional administration by the regional financial reserve target region. The cost of each boiler capacity of 2.0 MW was 6.5 million rubles, the press service of the regional administration.

Currently boilers are in the regional government office, "the Office of Civil Defense, Emergencies and fire safety of the Tomsk region." To carry out supervision works in Tomsk profit corporation representatives "Professional" (Saratov) — winner of the competition to supply these boilers. By December 27 boiler will be presented in full readiness to step up and "duty."

It is assumed that one boiler will be located in the city of Tomsk, the second will be transferred for storage in one of the municipalities located in the central part of the region. The presence of mobile boiler plants in the region is necessary in order to operate normally, the existing sources of heat quickly make up for the generation of thermal energy.

Corporation "Professional" (Saratov) — manufacturer of automated boilers «Professional», water treatment systems and waste water treatment

Video sending transportable boiler 2 MW

Video sending party transportable boiler 0.25 MW

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