In Tomsk Center opened reproductive technologies (+ video)

In Tomsk Center opened reproductive technologies. As the press service of the Administration of Tomsk region, he officially began its work on the basis of the regional perinatal center.

As noted by taking part in the opening of the Governor Viktor Kress, with the advent of the Center Reproductive Technology IVF procedure more accessible to families in the Tomsk region. They no longer have to leave the region and meet the costs associated with flight, accommodation and meals.


They will be paid for only the procedure of IVF — in that case, if the treatment does not occur on a regional or federal quotas. "It would be impossible to create such a modern facility without the alliance of science and practical public health" — the governor said.

Center staff is fully equipped — there are doctors of reproduction, andrology, physician embryologist and other specialists. Appointed head physician with 20 years of work on opytomy infertility Galina Krivoshchekova.

"At the Center for Reproductive Technology equipment with modern equipment such as ultrasound scanner, laboratory incubator, a system of laser cellular microsurgery, equipment for freezing and storing biological material, microscopes, from the budget of the region has been allocated 50 million rubles," — said the head of the Department of Health of the Tomsk region Olga Kobyakova.

Now comes the process of allocation of provincial and federal quotas (quotas of about 120 per year). Also, IVF can go on a commercial basis. As specified in the provincial health department, the average IVF cost will be 124 thousand.

As the chief doctor of the regional perinatal center Alexander Holopov, the opening of the Center reproductive technology allows you to pregnancy and childbirth in the walls of a single institution, a group of doctors that will increase the efficiency of the IVF procedure.

"Also, the presence of children in the center of outpatient counseling techniques will make it possible to monitor the long-awaited baby during the first year of life," — said Alexander Holopov.

The work of the Center of reproductive technologies will be implemented with the participation of specialists Siberian State Medical University, Institute of Medical Genetics of the Academy of Medical Sciences, as well as members of the Krasnoyarsk Center for Human Reproduction. Feature of IVF in Tomsk will be the presence of preimplantation stage diagnosis by specialists of Medical Genetics to identify embryos before transferring them into the uterus of chromosomal disorders such as Down’s syndrome, a disease linked to sex.

A full inspection, treatment, preparation for IVF carried out by experts of the perinatal center and the Siberian State Medical University, and the stage of embryology — Krasnoyarsk experts, leaders in the use of IVF technology in the Siberian Federal District.




To conduct in vitro fertilization and now you can not go outside of Tomsk. Earlier tomichki had to travel to Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and Omsk. Now all you need for artificial insemination — equipment and technology — a first in Tomsk. On the basis of the perinatal center today opened a Center for Reproductive Technology. A few days before the start of work, the patients in the clinic yet. There is a final adjustment of the equipment.

Alexander slaves, chief physician of the regional perinatal center: "This is where the fence prepared eggs, several of them taken, as a rule, and the technology is built so that the egg is taken under general anesthesia, the egg is delivered here to continue with her work embryologists"

Olga Trepovs, reporter: "This is a sterile zone, the day after tomorrow here so just do not you come. Here is the birth of a new life — fertilization "

Paired sperm and egg a day is put in a special incubator. It is optimal for fertilization humidity, temperature and concentration of carbon dioxide. In 99% of cases, new life is born. If it does not, the system is activated cell laser microsurgery.

Alexander Serfs: "This manipulators who work directly with the cells. With increasing. Avibratsionny table. Special joysticks and fine-tuning in a forced combination of sperm and egg "

Preoperative evaluation and preparation of doctors will conduct SSMU and perinatal center. And on the stage of embryology will connect doctors Krasnoyarsk Center for Reproductive Medicine.

Galina Krivoshchekova, head of the center of Tomsk reproductive technologies: "With the Krasnoyarsk contract is for three years, and three years later we bring up different embryologists"

"Sami was also attended," — said the director of the Krasnoyarsk Center for Reproductive Medicine. Their 15 years ago, doctors were taught in Chicago. A work at all enough — and Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk and doctors.

Anatoly Svetlakov, director of the center of Krasnoyarsk Center for Reproductive Medicine: "Until now reaches 20% of infertility, and it’s almost one in five married couple. A lot of male infertility. 50% 50% "

In Tomsk IVF clinic will be able to do 300-400 fertilization cycles per year. As a fee, price 124 000 rubles, or free on federal and provincial quotas. What will be the amount of the quota for the region in the provincial health department has not yet specify.


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