In Tomsk, developing a device for self-diagnosis of health of elderly and disabled

In Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics is a development tool for self-diagnosis of the health of the elderly and the disabled.

According to the press service of the university, with an instrument person who needs frequent visits to physicians will be able to independently verify the state of health, and the results of diagnostics to send your doctor. According to the developers, to work with the device is very simple: the patient will be asked to answer questions and perform a number of tasks that are developed with the participation of physicians from several medical institutions of Tomsk.

Questions and tasks that will be written to the device, composed of several parts: first — questions about general health, after — the eye test. The unit plans to equip screen that at the time of diagnosis of the table will be displayed with the image of letters and symbols, similar to that present in any eye doctor’s office. The patient will also be able to pass a test to check the color vision and visual acuity, hearing check, kardiosostoyanie and implement voice diagnostics. Methods of detection of violations of the speech will be fully computerized: the patient says the proposed text, the voice recording is saved in a special format that is automatically converted into a spectrum, which is determined by the deviation from the norm.

Once the patient will go through the stages of diagnosis, the device stores the results and send them to the doctor via the Internet. In addition, comparing the latest results with the previous, the device will determine how the human condition has improved or, on the contrary, deteriorated, whether planned visit to the doctor or emergency call.

Now scientists TUSUR together with doctors conduct testing of components of the apparatus and methods. Together with the Tomsk scientists involved in the development of the instrument representatives of the University of Limoges, students who arrived in early March in TUSUR for practice.

As the developers, such an instrument could be for many people an alternative to nursing homes and institutions for the disabled, allowing you to improve the quality and safety of their home life.

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