In Tomsk, starts production of natural power engineers of golden root

In Tomsk, presented a joint technological line for production of natural power engineers at Tomsk State University and the association "SAVA", a project participant Made in Tomsk.

In the beverage included the roots of valuable medicinal plant Rhodiola rosea, or "golden root", the world-famous high-grade analog ginseng, some indicators even surpassing it.

According to Director of Business Incubator TSU Natalia Kichko, a business plan for the project has been developed in the past year, the news agency reported TB-2. Tomsk Energy will implement mainly in pharmacies. How will the label, the developers have not decided the trademark in the drink until there is none.

"Our power engineering are difficult to compare with others. Most important thing — it is on a natural basis, as opposed to those which are now in the shops there. But in spite of this drink it will be no more frequently than once a day. Range of drinks in the future will be the expanded because tastes can be done completely different. For example this one, with "Rhodiola Rosea" sweet and sour to the taste and the color pink. drink will packaged in glass bottles of 0.33 liters. Available Power Engineer will be available in the spring. And while there will be Party issued for promotions, "- said Natalia Kichko.

 Perhaps it is because of their valuable qualities rosewort today was in the "Red Book", says Head. Laboratory introduction of medicinal plants Sibbes Tatiana Sviridov. Her department since 1983 continues study of medicinal herbs, which began in 1971-1972. through an intensive experiment of introduction to medicinal plants from different regions of our country and the world. Now scientists of the Siberian Botanical Garden TSU — virtually the only company in Russia who grow this plant in the culture.

Due to the introduction of Rhodiola rosea in the Tomsk region were selected and propagated the most productive patterns for the first time in Russia planted area expanded to 4,000 m², the raw material is tested on the Tomsk Himfarmzavade and Cancer Research Institute of RAMS. Currently, the lab tested more than 450 species of medicinal plants and vidoobraztsov.

According to Tatyana Sviridov Rhodiola rosea is famous tonic properties: it banishes fatigue, improves physical and mental performance, relieves nervous tension.

Photo: Siberian Botanical Garden

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