In Topki (Kemerovo region). After the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 240 places

In kindergarten, all the conditions for the harmonious development of kids: the room is bright, spacious, warm, there is a music and sports halls, the offices of a speech therapist, psychologist, choreographer and modern nutrition unit. In addition, the "Fairy Tale" — the city’s first children‘s garden, which has a sensory room psychological and emotional discharge, as well as an art studio, where teachers will introduce children to different genres of art and develop the skills of different painting techniques.
On the territory allocated a special area where children will be able to conduct experiments on the cultivation of plants, and is also equipped with avtogorodok markings and traffic lights to study the rules of the road. Engage on this site will not only pupils of the kindergarten, but children and other pre-school institutions.
Kindergarten meets the most stringent safety regulations. It has an automatic fire alarm, building walls are impregnated with fire retardant material, there is a "panic button" to call the police, installed nine CCTV cameras to help monitor the safety of children.
In kindergarten opened eleven groups. For children who do not attend kindergarten, will operate a group of short-term stays, as well as the first in a group of the day. In addition, the "Tale" opened a specialized group for children with visual impairments.

In general overhaul of the regional budget allocated 53 million rubles.

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