In TPU launched the first in Russia saw a robot with parallel kinematics

Today at Tomsk Polytechnic University hosted a presentation machine robot with parallel kinematics Metrom P1000. It was established in one of the buildings of the Institute of Cybernetics. This is the first in Russia for five-axis machine processing of products made of wood, plastic, metal, numerically controlled firms Metrom (Germany). In 2011, this equipment was considered in Germany as the most innovative product of the year.

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"I would like to draw your attention to this" intellectual monster "- the invention, in fact, still in the realm of fantasy, — Said at the presentation of the machine TPU Rector Peter Chubik. —We are planning to teach undergraduate and build a separate master’s program. In collaboration with our German partners will conduct research and development aimed at the creation of similar devices. "

Five-axis machining — the ability of the machine to grind out highly sophisticated detail from all sides simultaneously, which ensures high speed and efficiency of the process. The size of the product to be made may exceed the size of the machine.

At today’s presentation of the company employees have demonstrated unique capabilities "miniature" six-ton machine. Layout options machines that exist today in Russia and have similar opportunities — not less than 25 tonnes.

"There are five identical towers and the main spindle with hinges — is the heart of our equipment. The main advantage — mobility device: the machine arrives at the details, not the item to the machine. Our equipment, we can produce products: from turbines, molds up to aircraft parts. The machine can be transported on a truck — it convenient to move. The weight of these machines is 10% of the comparable conventional equipment, however, their high productivity, can perform complex operations " — Said at the presentation of the equipment manufacturer’s director Metrom, Doctor of Technical Sciences Michael Shvaar (Michael Schwaar).

Machine Metrom P1000, which has become one of the assets TPU — is applicable in areas such as engineering, shipbuilding, aerospace, food, souvenirs and so on — wherever required high-precision products.

Michael Shvaar noted that the company produces unique equipment to the requirements of the customer. In Russia, the company installed its first machine at the Tomsk Polytechnic University.

"I am very pleased that we were able to accomplish this is to the university, because we hope that it will help us to convince students of the importance of the engineering profession. They will be able to learn how to deal with such a great technique and proud of it " — Said Michael Shvaar.

According to Michael, to the 50 years he was engaged in scientific research, which later formed the basis of the equipment.

"When I founded the company, we were just ideas, today we have a beautiful building with manufacturing teams, and we can almost continuously commercially manufacture such equipment" — He said.

Tomsk Polytechnic University has purchased this machine at cost 15 million rubles in the prisoner in the 2011 agreement on cooperation and collaboration between the Department of "Automation and robotics in mechanical engineering" of the Institute of Cybernetics (APM IC) TPU and research firm Metrom (Germany, Dr. Michael Schwaar).

While the TPU — the only representative of the company for the supply, assembly and sale of machine tools in Russian.

Acquisition and presentation of the machine — the first step to creating lab machines-robots with parallel kinematics in the squares ARM IR department.

In addition, two members of the department have been trained in Germany, free, and one of the Russian companies supplied as optional equipment donations for the machine purchased for $ 10.5 million.

In the future, based TPU is supposed to create a joint venture for small innovative design, research and production of similar equipment for the enterprises of Russia, as well as providing production services to various businesses and firms.



The agreement between the company and the university has been achieved as a result of aligned "horizontal" relations in the framework of the II International Conference "Technology Commercialization of the Future" (2010), as well as tight joint cooperation TPU, Tomsk Administration and German partners. In this process, at the beginning of active participation from Russian-German Center.

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