In Tskhinvali, opened a garment factory, a branch of the BTK Group (St. Petersburg)

September 19 in Tskhinvali, in a solemn ceremony was held the official opening of the garment factory, which after a long break again reopened. The event was dedicated to the 20th of September — the Day of the Republic of South Ossetia.

Second life Tskhinvali garment factory received thanks to the company from St. Petersburg of "BTK Group", with which the leadership of South Ossetia signed a business agreement. As you know, this major Russian company of light industry led a successful businessman Teimuraz Ossetian Bolloev.

Tskhinvali garment factory became a branch of the company. In a short time the building was reconstructed factory. It has all the conditions to complete the work. The production hall is equipped with modern equipment. A month ago, was produced pilot episode of clothing. The company initially will produce uniforms for factory workers. The future plans include expanding the range of products. To date, the factory employed about 100 people, seamstresses work as long as 50 women, but, according to the company’s management, the number of employees will grow over time, amount to several hundred people.

On the occasion of the opening of the Tskhinvali garment factory BTK-4 arrived in Tskhinvali leadership of "BTK Group" headed by Taymuraz Bolloev.

The event is of great importance for the national economy, it is confirmed by the fact that at the opening ceremony of the factory came RSO President Leonid Tibilov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia in South Ossetia Elbrus Kargiev, the chairman of Parliament Stanislav Kochiev, deputies and members of the Government and other officials.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the head of state Leonid Tibilov congratulated all the remarkable event. He noted that the garment factory has been idle for many years, but now, thanks to the company "BTK Group" resumes. "For more than 20 years of Tskhinvali garment factory was not functioning. The fact that today it is again resumes activity — much of the credit of our great countryman Taymuraz Bolloev. This is a person who love to the people of his homeland expressed in specific cases. Today we are witnessing this, — he said. — The republic will do everything possible for the economic development of South Ossetia. Hope for today’s example followed by others, will be the new steps that will raise our economy. We will do everything that other people from Ossetia were interested to work in our country. We will create favorable conditions for investors who have expressed a desire to work in South Ossetia.

Today, I am proud that we are opening this factory, there will be work the citizens of South Ossetia. I believe that the garment factory will eventually increase their capacity. We have plans to open branches in the regions of the country, and there appeared to jobs.

Many thanks for today’s event Taymuraz Bolloev. We express our gratitude to the representatives of "BTK Group", which took part in the opening of Tskhinvali garment factory. "

Teimuraz Bolloev in his speech wished the revival of the garment factory has become an example for the revival of other industrial enterprises in South Ossetia. "The task of the revival of Tskhinvali garment factory — succeeds. Today, the company employs about 100 people. In the future we plan to increase the number of employees will grow — said Teimuraz Bolloev. — While a few hesitant to invest in the economy of South Ossetia, but I think everything will be fine in that regard. I remember the transitional 1990s, when, and in Russia, too, was especially acute problem of attracting investors from abroad. Many came, but expressed doubts and back left. However, there were also more ambitious entrepreneurs who have invested money in the economy, even if investments were unprofitable in the early years, but later they began to be repaid, and these people have won a lot. It seems to me that the investment in the economy of South Ossetia, even if not immediately, but can also turn into a success. We wish to follow our lead and other potential investors. "

Presentations were made by one of the workers of a garment factory — Valentine Butaeva got working here since the company was founded in 1962. "I was very happy when I found out that the factory will be operational again, as if born again. Thank you to our leadership and to all who had a hand in this, — thanks for Valentine’s Day. — I am already 73 years old, but I will work as long as there is power. I want to live and live to work here. Today, the factory conditions far better than they were before. We have a modern sewing machines, new equipment. From work — a pleasure. I encourage our young people to come to the factory and work here "

Was shown a collection of clothing that will be produced at a garment factory. In addition to professional, there will sew school uniforms and other apparel.

The official part of the event ended with the symbolic cutting of the red ribbon with Leonid Tibilova, Taymuraz Bolloev and Kargiev Elbrus, which marked the opening of Tskhinvali garment factory BTK-4.

After that, the President accompanied by Taymuraz Bolloev examined renovated factory building, familiarized with the working conditions. The head of South Ossetia congratulated the employees and wished them success.

Recall that Tskhinvali Garment Factory was founded in 1962. She specialized in the production of cotton ladies, children, and clothing, as well as bedding. The number of employees in the Soviet period was 1,200. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the beginning of the Georgian armed aggression In 1991’s. garment factory suspended operations. A few years building a factory operated as a trading center.

V. Kalaw

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