In Tuapse successfully completed the first shipment of fertilizer


Aug. 20 from the pier Tuapse Bulk Terminal (TBT) otshvartovalos first ship loaded with mineral fertilizers production EuroChem. 11,000 tons of granular urea were loaded onto cargo ship «Zealand Delilah» deadweight of 12 thousand tons, which operates under the flag of the Netherlands (ship owner — Zealand Shipping). The work is in compliance with all technical regulations and compliance with environmental legislation.

Since Aug. 17, when the loading, mobile professionals the State Laboratory of the Federal State Institution of Health (FBUZ) "Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Krasnodar Territory" was carried out continuous monitoring of the environment. Air measurements were taken at seven positions on the border of the sanitary protection zone and TBT directly on the dock, as well as took samples of sea water near the vessel loaded.

According to the expert report, "Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Krasnodar Territory" for the loading of fertilizer warehouse TBT aboard a Dutch freighter no exceedances of the concentration of harmful substances in the air is not revealed: "Maximum allowable concentration (MAC) of pollutants in ambient air populated areas "(GN 2.1.6. 1338-03; GN 2.1.6. 1983-05), and" The ambient air and indoor air, sanitary protection of air hygiene requirements to ensure the quality of ambient air in populated areas "(2.1 SanPin .6. 1032-01) comply with regulatory requirements. A general air quality, as well as water in the loading of the vessel meets the requirements of security, life and health of consumers.

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