In Tula, the International Day for left-handers showed a very real savvy flea

On the International Day lefties, August 13, Tula has finally revealed the very real savvy flea. And it was just one of more than 20 unique miniatures brought members of the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow to an exhibition in Tula. Admire them only through a microscope. Therefore, in the exhibition hall in Tula on Chyrvonaarmeiski Avenue where this unusual exhibition opened, installed racks with special equipment.

Presented at the exhibition of microminiature masters Sidristogo N., E. Ter-Ghazaryan and A. Rykovanova traveled the world, and probably every one of those who saw them, have caused a lot of questions. First of all, "how is it done?" And "what tools it’s done?" 

Indeed, it is unclear how Nicholas Sidristomu in the late 50’s, when about nanotechnology have not heard, it was possible to shoe a very real flea three golden horseshoe author at flea legs secured with steel studs to 6 microns thick. He also managed to drill something along human hair, polish it up to the wall of absolute transparency and put inside a rose. Rose, by the way, is made of a layer of ink with antique paintings, which was removed during the restoration.

The same Sidristy "built" solid gold magnificent frigate size of 5.5 mm with a snap, a thickness of 0.003 mm. And came up and made a dragonfly with a clock. In the insect in my head — the mechanism that drives the two micro-motor, they are placed in the body and are composed of 130 parts.

The exhibition many exciting exhibits. For example, a bouquet of flowers made of tiny fish scales.

A replica of a Stradivarius violin, collected from 56 detalek timber and placed in the eye of a steel needle. 50 portraits of Armenian cultural figures of medieval Armenia, engraved on a tiny crystal petal. Armenian girls dancing figurines made of gold, placed on half of fig seeds. This is — the work of the great master of E. Ter-Ghazaryan.

A. Rykovanova closer Pushkin and the Orthodox subjects. He engraves exact copies of manuscripts of the poet, as well as icons and prayers on sections of grains of rice and halves of a poppy seed.

All miniatures presented in the exhibition, striking not only for its microscopic size, but also the artistic taste. The authors carefully selected materials, working on composition and beauty of line, looking for expressive color combinations. However, there are real "tricks". Well, tell me how you can place on a section of a human hair 70 gold figurines? …

Among the exhibits — the camera of 8 × 12 mm. On the stand indicated that the model is valid, that is, this baby is, among other things, also takes pictures.

Irina Skibinskaya

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