In Tutaev Yaroslavl region, the construction of a modern power plant

OAO "Yaroslavl Generating Company" and JSC "Saturn-Gas Turbines" started construction of combined cycle power plant capacity of 52 megawatts (MW) in Tutaev Yaroslavl region. The cost of such a facility — 2.5 billion rubles.
August 11, a ceremony of laying the first stone Tutaevsky combined-cycle power plant


The basis of the station laid the most advanced power generation cycles. Installation help and development of the city. In particular, it will provide electricity to large industrial park. In addition, it will create a reserve power capacity under development of the industrial park on the existing site Tutaevsky engine plant.
Installation — super modern. Will simultaneously produce heat and electricity. Efficiency of nearly 85 percent. In comparison — today many stations operating in the area, and do not hold up to 30. These projects will be implemented in other regions. Enter PSU is planned for 2012.

"First of all we need political will of the leaders of their support. Of course, go for such a project — it is a very big responsibility. The responsibility is not only economic but also social. To those people who live in the region "- said General Director of JSC" Saturn — Gas Turbines "Igor Yudin

A liability — tariffs. This station is very efficient in fuel consumption. For example, gas. And he is constantly increasing in value. Cost-effective installation will not respond to it. The governor promised that after the launch of this station, the tariffs for the population here will not increase. In addition, the energy-deficient regions reduced by nearly five percent. Electricity primarily be directed at providing the technology park. It was said within the walls of the local engine plant. Large-scale project — a three-stage. The prototype — an industrial park in Naberezhnye Chelny.

"In the 312 thousand square meters of production and office space located in Naberezhnye Chelny 165 companies where 2,400 people are employed more. The approximate total turnover of enterprises in the 10th year of 7.3 billion rubles, "- said the director of the Economic Development Department of the Yaroslavl region, Alexander Shutov

But they started five years ago. In our area investors have to look. However, it is expected that the first phase in the industrial park will be more than 40 residents. Create five new jobs.

"In terms of preparation for occupation of the park held a series of negotiations. We have established very good contacts with Turkish manufacturers of spare parts. Market, with a number of other national associations, "- said the deputy governor of the Yaroslavl region, Igor Elfimov

Will develop and own engine plant. This year, he began working at a profit. The average salary increased by 30 percent. Plans to release a new product.

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