In Tyumen, construction of a unique waterfront

In Tyumen, construction of a unique waterfront. In the summer of 2012 fully completed the construction of the second section of the first stage. Second of all its length of 700 meters stretch from the bridge down the street to the building Chelyuskintsev railway station "Tour" (the so-called King’s dock). It also provides pedestrian zone. In addition, there will house ancillary buildings to provide electricity and water quay.

Currently, work is underway on the third stage of the object. This is a section of a length of 700 meters from the Holy Trinity Monastery to the Bridge of lovers. It will house recreational areas, three-level car park and marina for pleasure craft.

 According to the current draft quay stretch of 3.5 km, from Trinity monastery past the bridge and the bridge on Valentine Street. Chelyuskinites to campus pier Tour (street Pristanskaya, 13). Designers conditionally divide it into "historical" section (to the square of Fighters Revolution), "university" (before the bridge on the street. Chelyuskintsev) and "royal" (Tour of the station area). With the current (higher) rates will build more chetyre.Proektno-year estimates involves "hardscape", "historic" area decided to decorate the sculptures and bas-reliefs, which are ordered in the creative and production association "Ekaterinburg Art Foundation", Perm Fund sculptors Russia "Unity" and the Tyumen regional organization "Union of Russian Artists ‘sculptures reflect the history of the region from the appearance of the first people to the end of the XX century (which I wrote in last year’s article," Sea Tours in Tyumen’ 

First, a little of the old city of Tyumen. House P.I.Podarueva, 1870. An example of a successful reconstruction.

 Past the mansions on ul.Respubliki head to the waterfront.

Trading house I.P.Kolokolnikova, 1880.


The uniqueness of the waterfront at its height — 25 meters.

Original staircase — Pier.

A ramp for wheelchairs.

Oh, what kind of views from these homes ….

In this area is left to finish the mall.

View of the governors beyond the river districts.

LCD "Pearl" — 24 floors.

One of the most beautiful areas of Tyumen — "European", but more on him later.

Quay, Tura, bridge Chelyuskintsev.

Ascension-George’s Church in the background Holy Trinity Monastery.

4 tiers on the waterfront, between themselves, they are connected by numerous stairs, ramps, slopes.

Fountain waterfall.

 Launched in the 426-day anniversary of the city of Tyumen. 

























Cable-stayed pedestrian bridge.

A small fountain is located on the railing of the stairs.

  Ascension-George Church

Part 3 turns almost ready. At the top of the slope constructed pavilion (presumably restaurant) like a boat.

Perhaps soon discover, there will dock and a multi-level parking lot.

In the flood water rises in the Tour of 10-15 meters flooding embankment almost to level 2, an interesting spectacle.

The bridge was built in the late 80’s.

The pier and parking.

On the river intensively pleasure boats ply.

DK "Oilman"

Museum "City Council." 1834

Stadium of FC "Tyumen".

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