In Tyumen, has opened a treatment center ENT diseases

Medical Center for treatment of diseases of the ear, nose and throat opened in md. Tyumen Tyumen. The institution will specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of ENT diseases with the help of modern equipment.

In the diagnostic study otomikroskop installed, with which you can not only treat the patient, but also to train young doctors skills hearing improving operations. There is a study to measure the severity of hearing. 

As the chief doctor of the center, an otolaryngologist, a doctor of the highest category Ilya Yefremov, health facility meets all the standards for sterility, lighting, equipment equipment. The spacious ENT’s office is equipped with multi-functional doctor workplace that allows to mechanize many of the procedures for the convenience of the doctor and the patient. For example, equipment for electrosurgery can painlessly and without the blood to remove the tumor, and the heating of the laryngeal mirror is carried out without the use of a spirit lamp. The office is set ultraviolet camera for storage of sterile instruments. Apparatus "Sinuskan" can ease the diagnosis of disease of the paranasal sinuses without the use of X-rays. 

According to Ilya Yefremov, the first steps to create such a high-tech center were made three years ago, during the time the legal and administrative support is provided by the deputies of the Tyumen City Council. License for the provision of medical services received at the end of 2011, and in January facility accepted its first patients. Currently, they have bought the necessary equipment and supplies.

With the official opening of the clinic doctors congratulated the Tyumen city council member for the electoral district number 16 Vladimir Sartakov. "Tyumen district — a relatively new, but he quickly built up and grows. Increasing the number of its inhabitants, and the social sector is not developing as fast as we would like. The nearest health center — on the street. Latitude — can not cope with so many people. Therefore, specialized clinics within walking distance will be very convenient for the residents of the sleeping areas. I am sure that for such centers — the future ", — shared his deputy.

Professor, Chief Audiologist of the Tyumen region, MD, Honored Doctor of Russia Alexander apologize also appreciated the high features in the new Tyumen hospital. He said the city needed at least another three similar centers in different districts.

Ilya Yefremov, head physician of the clinic and the deputy Vladimir Sartakov also stressed that the medical center treating diseases of the ear, nose and throat ready to cooperate with the health departments of the city and the region, to provide care for pensioners and socially vulnerable groups, free of charge — on the policy of compulsory health insurance.

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