In Tyumen project implemented automated metering of thermal energy


JSC "Fortum" together with the Ural Heat Distribution Company completed a project to develop a computerized accounting system heat and system monitoring process heat supply (ASRHP)
At an event in connection with the commissioning of the system in operation attended EB Zabolotnyi, deputy governor of the Tyumen region, AV Moore, mayor of the city of Tyumen, the press-service of JSC "Fortum".

"The government of the Tyumen region and the company" Fortum "have a solid understanding of the need for further steps in the development of heat supply system of the city. We discuss joint solutions for a number of investment projects, which will eventually lead to significant quality improvements in heating and development of the regional capital ‘,- said the deputy governor of the Tyumen region Eugene Zabolotnyi.

"The importance of the project is realized not only that ASRHP allows commercial accounting supplied" Fortum "heat. It provides control of technological modes of heat and allows you to take right decisions for the future. The ultimate goal is to install a large heat meters for consumers, allowing them to pay for the service they really get ", — Says the head of the administration of the city of Tyumen Alexander Moore.

"By investing in the modernization and development of heating systems in the cities where we participate in the creation of high-tech area that meets the interests of both consumers and businesses. For our customers, reliability of supply is important, transparency calculations. Business needs to maintain break-even basis. And then, and more begins with the account of heat and economic responsibility of each participant in the process. The project ASRHP tune with public policy in the field of energy saving, which is being actively implemented in the Tyumen region and Tyumen. We plan to continue working in this direction with the authorities and our partners, "- said General Director of JSC" Fortum "Alexander Chuvaev.

ASRHP implemented under a tripartite agreement "on the promotion and enforcement of the requirements of the Federal Law number 261 by setting the metering of energy resources," concluded between the administration of the city of Tyumen, JSC "UTSK" and a partner company in 2010. On heating systems at the boundary point of balance of heating pipeline installed 155 commercial metering of thermal energy and heat transfer medium.

The information is sent to them from a central server ASRHP. The program provides on-line monitoring of process parameters coolant. Wireless telemetry, advanced equipment to rapidly diagnose the branches where there was a rush and there is a flight network of water.

This makes it possible to react quickly to emergency situations, reducing the time for damage repair networks, testing and commissioning of hydraulic regimes, create reports, and plan maintenance campaign, to automate the processes associated with commercial calculations for heat transport and heat transfer medium.

Along with the implementation of ASRHP "Fortum" and the subsidiary — Ural Heat Distribution Company — over the past two years have been active modernization of trunk mains using new technologies to control their condition and energy-saving insulation materials. During repair companies 2010/2011 years. Tyumen replaced about 16 km of heating with the use of pre-insulated pipes. Implementation of a set of repair activities in conjunction with the launch of ASRHP allowed to fix for main heating system by the company, reducing heat loss and heat transfer medium to 50%.


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