In Tyumen, there was one kindergarten

In Tyumen, renovated a kindergarten number 85. In kindergarten, seven groups that received 220 children. The building area is 1,679 square meters. m

In kindergarten, a three-stage water treatment system is installed, it is equipped with modern facilities, including an external video surveillance, as well as everything you need for children’s development: interactive whiteboards, multimedia technology, touch panels, sports areas and many others.
In addition, the kindergarten has a musical gymnasium, which is equipped with fitness equipment, sports equipment and musical equipment.
Easting and laundry services to meet all the requirements of modern service kindergarten. Guild division catering department provides a threading process of cooking, including a pair to maximize the retention of vitamins in foods. In all groups (in the pantry) devices are installed for water heating, dishwashers and distributors of drinking water. All equipment for the kitchen and laundry room energy saving (Class A).

On the gaming pleasure grounds with small architectural forms and systems for the development of movements, appropriate to the age, growth performance of children. Sports fields equipped with a treadmill, an obstacle course, a target, a mini-football, basketball ring for the street.

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