In Ukraine, created elektrotraktor

Ukrainian scientists have come to grips with the production of electric transport: they create not only cars, but also elektrotsikly and recently constructed elektrotraktor! The Institute is engaged in development of electrodynamics NANUkrainy. "We’ve done two" Tavria ": one — a hybrid that runs on gasoline and electricity, and the second — a pure electric car. Both now drive on the streets of Kiev with the numbers, as it should be — says "Today" chief developer of electric laboratory Viktor Pavlov Institute. — Made-based electric car "Lanos", and even 3 elektrotsikla eletrotraktor. The latter has already experienced to meet international standards: T16 tractor — not a pure electric car, a hybrid. " Sam goes to the developer of this "Tavrii" recharging it from the electrical outlet in the garage.

There is another hybrid — "Sable" (Electric Utility). "This is essentially a truck, and on top we put a solar panel that allows you to charge the battery from the sun," — says Pavlov. Load capacity of such a machine — from 1 to 25 tons. On the "Sable" is set specialized equipment that allows operation of the machine in three power states: electricity, bio-diesel and hybrid option. Fuel savings of 30-40%.

Charge an electric vehicle is enough for 100-150 km, says Paul, "Lithium-ion battery could hold out, and 400 km, but in Ukraine do not use them — too expensive. Battery can be charged from any 220-volt outlet. In the future, we can construct a solar battery charging, you can make 80% of the battery is being charged for half an hour — all of this has already been developed. There is a will and funding. " At present, charging an electric vehicle from a conventional network takes 6-8 hours. Abroad at the pump this can be done in 20 minutes, but in Ukraine, such services are not available. But the electric car, despite the small run, at times reduces the costs of fuel 100 km will cost only a few hryvnia.

Pavlov said that the cost of foreign, for example, the Chinese electric vehicle could reach $ 50-70 thousand. "In Ukraine, we could make electric cars for about $ 10 million (now the average cost of an electric vehicle with us — $ 20 million). However, our development is not funded. For example, everyone is talking about the municipal electric buses as a taxi. We wrote a letter on the development of electric bus in 2007. But even there was no answer. If we will fund, we will make this transport "- tells us the developer.

By the way, electric vehicles have started to do long before the collapse of the USSR. "The first electric car we did back in 1973, on the basis of" plows ", — said Paul.

Meanwhile, Ukrainians are trying to remake themselves and the usual "Tavrii" under electric vehicles. 29-year-old Igor from Donetsk has calculated that this alteration in the showroom, excluding the cost of the work will cost $ 1200-2500. "As a result we get a car that is in charge of the battery from the socket 220 to the next charge can travel 60-70 km without the use of an electric generator, — says Igor. At the same time fuel consumption — 1 liter for 1 hour. " As a result, donetchanin purchased over the internet b / u set on the basis of the electric motor, rebuilt auto and even spent the trace of the test: "The dynamics of an electric vehicle is good, are easy to overtake. The maximum speed on 4th gear — 130-135 km / h. " The press service of the traffic police clarify that the possibility of registration of such car is, but the procedure is complicated: "We need to be checked for safety, have written a pile of papers that this homemade explodes on the way, she did not fall off the wheel. May fail if the technical requirements do not meet the standards. "

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