In Ulan-Ude built a new residential development on the 12,000 people (photo)


In the area of meat-processing plant is planned to build more than 200 thousand square meters of housing. Today, the sixth of September the head of Buryatia laid the first stone of the six billion of residential complex

A new residential complex will be located on the territory adjacent to the plant, "Buryatmyasprom." Plant itself will also be rebuilt — with its squares disappear hazardous industry. In the next three years plans to build more than 200,000 square meters of housing, as well as a children’s garden and parking for cars. Tentatively, there will be able to accommodate about 12,000 people.
At a symbolic ceremony of laying the stone head of Buryatia came together with the chairman of the republican parliament Matthew Gershevich. Also on the site where construction will begin, attended by the Deputy Mayor of Ulan-Ude, Viktor Gavrilov, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Chepik.

The project introduced the guests to the future complex general director of "BMP Agro" Alexander Venediktov. The company will oversee the construction of housing and industrial complex "BMP".

— This model is the most comfortable and conducive to the sleeping area, where the neighborhood is provided with all necessary — he said. — The first phase of construction of social infrastructure is provided. We have our own sub-station of 10 MW. There are doubts about the warmth, the variant of auxiliary heating for the first time.

Vyacheslav Nagovitcin after hearing CEO "BMP Agro", advised him to attend to the construction of additional parking lots. Initially, the project will include three or four standard parking for 350 seats each. The head of Buryatia noted that this is not enough.

— You will close only 20 percent of the demand for cars. And where else will? — He asked.

Alexander Venediktov said that in the space is available, which in the long term it will be possible to construct additional parking spaces. In addition, he expressed the hope that the neighboring HA-2 can organize their unoccupied parking space for neighborhood residents.

Construction of the complex is divided into three stages. The first of these should be put into operation in late 2013. It will include nine high-rise buildings in the streets Onokhoiskaya, kindergarten, parking, as well as commercial areas. Living area — 72 thousand square meters.

The second phase will add more than a dozen apartment buildings and two or three parking. Total area of apartments will be about 120,000 square meters. In addition, the possible reconstruction of the stadium and the nearby Palace of Culture. It is scheduled to be completed by 2015.

The remaining 65,000 square meters of housing laid down in the third turn.

The total project cost is estimated at 6.5 billion rubles.

Having listened to the speaker, the head of Buryatia said only "good" and then all started breaking ceremony.

— We talked a lot the last few years about the integrated development of residential areas, and today we are laying the first stone in the construction of the housing complex, — said Vyacheslav Nagovitcin. — It is said that the time spent in negotiations, not a thing of the sand. These conversations were not empty, they were under a foundation for the further development of our city.

The head of the republic also said that the complex will help fill the needs of one-fifth of Ulan udentsev housing.

In turn, the interest in the allocation of apartments for their employees have expressed Ltd. "Buryatmyasprom" and Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant.  




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