In Ulyanovsk, after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 75 children

 July 8 in the village of White Key Railway district of Ulyanovsk the grand opening of the kindergarten "Kristallik." Kindergarten was in overhaul since 2010. In 2011, work was done to strengthen the foundation and load-bearing structures of the building, completely replaced the roof, heating, sanitation, ventilation.

 In 2012, have been completed and civil plumbing, installed production equipment, purchased furniture. Performed a complete landscaping nursery — Fitted veranda for walking with children, hardscape, imported soil, paved walkways. In kindergarten, "Kristallik" has a medical office and a game room. Rooms for groups equipped with modern and high quality furniture. Total for overhaul of kindergarten "Kristallik" was allocated from the regional and municipal budget of 22 million rubles.

Kindergarten is designed for 75 people.

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