In Ulyanovsk, put into operation the new flight simulators

  • Photo: ITAR — TASS


The latest flight simulators went into operation in Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School. This event happened in the framework of the International Air Transport Forum (IATF), which was held in the city last week. Cost of unique equipment — 380 million rubles. According to experts, expensive simulator will bring pilot training to a new level.

The head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Alexander Neradko, who was present at the inauguration ceremony in the operation of flight simulators, asked the students how they relate to the new product. "Cool, what can I say" — confessed in an interview with a senior official of one of the students of the school. The teachers of the university as loudly discussed set simulator. According to the pilots, instructors, this simulator allows training in conditions as close to real. This means that a person can learn on the simulator, and then sit in the cabin of the ship, and immediately fly. "We cadets training on the simulator is included in the total hours flown", — Explained to the correspondent of "Expert Online» representatives of the university.  

According to "Expert Online» the press service of the government of the Ulyanovsk region, this simulator corresponding to the level D (VII level) on the international classification is set out in the fitness center for the first time. "It will allow for civil aviation training aviation professionals to the highest international standards", — the press-service.

It is expected that in October this year will be put into operation another trainer — for the Tu-204. Also before the end of the year you plan to install an integrated simulator aircraft SSJ-100. In 2013, the school planned to deliver complex simulators aircraft Boeing-737 and ATR-42/72 additional training simulators and aircraft DA-40, DA-42 and Cessna-172. It is planned that in 2012-2013 will be used initial training aircraft Cessna-172 and helicopter Eurocopter AS350 B-2.


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