In Ulyanovsk region laid the agroprompark


One of the first manufacturing facilities in the agro-industrial park will be a high-tech warehouse up to 30 thousand tons of storage vegetables with the climate control. The total investment will amount to around 1.6 billion rubles.

Provides fixed retail market for 60 trading places each district will be able to exhibit their products. There are in the project area for the food trade "on wheels" with a capacity of 150 heavy-duty trucks, covered shopping pavilions, sanitary-veterinary laboratory examination, training center, through primary and secondary processing of agricultural products, packaging workshop, warehouse. After the end of construction in the agro-industrial park will be the traditional regional agricultural fairs.

In the future, will be set up training center for training and retraining of specialists agrarian, technical center for repair and maintenance of equipment, a business center, which includes information and counseling services in various fields (economics, financial statements, marketing, legal services).
In the future, the construction of trade fair complex, cafes, and hotels.

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