In Ulyanovsk region opened first Agribusiness Park

Now the Ulyanovsk agricultural producers the opportunity to sell locally grown produce residents of the regional center, bypassing intermediaries. In the first phase of the project to establish a regional agro-industrial park in Ulyanovsk is commissioned modern vegetable storage for 12 thousand tons, and an indoor market with a playground out of 48 retail locations.

The construction of the first phase has been spent over 200 million rubles of private investment, and further the implementation of the project is planned to invest more than 1 billion rubles.


The implementation of the project to establish the regional agro-industrial park began in 2011. Its peculiarity is that in one place concentrate processing facilities, logistics centers, wholesale and retail markets, warehouses, transportation and other services. According to the Minister of Agriculture of the Ulyanovsk region Alexander Chepuhina, the launch of this object will solve the problem of storage, processing and marketing of agricultural products, and also eliminate the "chain" of mediators associated with its resellers, which in turn will lead to lower prices.

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