In Ulyanovsk region started Mars factory for the production of chocolate

This is the second factory of Mars in the Ulyanovsk region. The first plant for the production of food for domestic animals was opened in September 2009. Recall that the Agreement between the Government of the Ulyanovsk region on Mars and the company of the two investment projects in the region was signed in 2007 at the International Economic Forum "Sochi-2007".

The total investment in the economy of Mars Ulyanovsk region — a new chocolate factory and a factory for the production of food for domestic animals — is more than 6 billion rubles.


"Three years ago, at the opening of the first factory for the production of feed for the animals we truly believe in the success and hoped that this project will be the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration. Today we can say with confidence that all of our hopes dashed. The opening of a second production company with a worldwide reputation speaks for itself: a serious investor confidence in the investment environment in the region, seriously and permanently binds its commercial success with the development of the territory. The regional government appreciates the contribution of Mars in strengthening technology and industrial base of the food processing industry in the region, but also a responsible social policy of the company ", — said Sergey Morozov.

Now put into operation one production line of chocolate bars. In the future we plan to expand the range of products.

Currently, the factory employs about 170 employees. Until the end of the year this figure will increase to 250 people. The plant is built on the latest technical and environmental requirements.

"The company MARS was one of the first major foreign companies that have decided to implement an investment project in our region. MARS has become a catalyst for the formation of a favorable investment climate and modern investment policy in the Ulyanovsk region, partnering with them much to teach us. Today, the company is actively developing and expanding its production ", — the Minister of Strategic Development and Innovation Alexander Smekalin.

«MARS — the world’s largest private company, which in Russia is actively involved in the debate on improving the investment climate. In particular, MARS is one of the most active members of the Consultative Council on Foreign Investment. The implementation of the next project of the Ulyanovsk region — is a sort of litmus test, showing that foreign investors are comfortable to work with us. For us it is very important to have a partner, it guided the new foreign company coming to the region, "- said General Director of OJSC" Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation "Dmitry Ryabov.

As Sergey Morozov, in 2011 in the Ulyanovsk region, investment in fixed assets for the full range of enterprises increased in comparison with 2012 by 21% and exceeded $ 60 billion. This allowed the region in terms of growth of investments to take first place in the Volga Federal District and 21 th place in Russia. In addition, the region became one of the best subjects of the Russian Federation and was awarded the prize of the Government of the Russian Federation.

"Over the last year, completed the implementation of several dozen investment. Another nine major investors decided to place their plants in the region. When we implement these projects, we get not only a series of new competitive industries, but also create some 10 million new jobs to Ulyanovsk ", — said the head of the region.

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