In Ulyanovsk, trams began running with free Wi-Fi


Free wireless internet can take passengers trams, following by the very length of the route of the city — № 2.

Wi-Fi, which covers the entire area of the tram composition (two cars), introduced at the initiative of the Ulyanovsk City Hall and the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Ulyanovskelektrotrans." The main objective of innovation — to make electric transportation more attractive to passengers.

Tram number 2 passes by the three universities and a number of schools. The initiators of the project hope that the free service will be interesting, first of all, pupils and students.

— In the cars we hung detailed instructions on how to use the free internet, — the correspondent of "WP" in the cell phone company that provided equipment for wi-fi. — To connect, you need to enter a password, which is also located inside the tram.

By the way, to the same router can simultaneously connect up to 32 users. The promised speed — up to 7.2 megabits per second. Until the end of July will be equipped with free Internet 15 trams. Planned to introduce the Internet and in other urban routes. While this "bonus" was introduced in the year, but perhaps its duration will be extended.

Meanwhile, another cellular company wants to equip free Wi-Fi Ulyanovsk bus.

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