In Uryupinsk opened a new school

For the first time in many years in one of the regional centers of the Volgograd Region launched a new school.

More than a hundred children living in Uryupinsk, this year will be learning the new secondary schools in the number 8. The construction of school for 325 pupils took about 60 million rubles from the budgets of all levels. With this money, the building was constructed, equipped sports and assembly hall, computer labs, a library. In addition, on school grounds there was a football field with artificial turf.
Next to the new institution located gymnastic complex "Dolphin". This proximity gives reason to believe that in the eastern district of the city appeared a recreational and educational complex.
Note that in the future, based on a new educational institution plans to open two preschool groups of 50 children.

Urjupinsk fotoobzor

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