In Usinsk (Komi Rep.) has opened a new clinic

The first day of clinic worked on June 13. Doctors are already welcome in the new offices. Most of the funds for the project has been allocated LLC "LUKOIL-Komi", including the building clinics, which was passed into the ownership of the municipality in 2007. Were also involved republican and municipal budgets.

The building has 5 floors of a new clinic. On the ground are desk, wardrobe, technical room and the radiology department. On the second — Department of Prevention. Here, preliminary and periodic medical examinations, and are paid services.


On the third floor there is a day care for up to 70 guests and surgical unit. Classrooms specialists located on the fourth floor and the administrative sector and the medical department — on the fifth.

Corridors clinics equipped with benches, lounges — comfortable sofas where visitors can comfortably wait for their turn. For the convenience of visiting doctors’ offices, planned to introduce electronic registry.

The neighborhood is framed in the form of a small square, walled fence. Entry into the territory clinic will be available only for official vehicles, which will be indicated by appropriate traffic signs, so parents and children can safely spend time outdoors.

— Entering the clinic in operation a very important event in our city and a great gift not only health professionals, but also to all residents. The only problem that we have — this is short-staffed staff. To strengthen human resource capacity within the target program to modernize health care MO GO "Usinsk" provides funding for hiring service housing, compensation northern allowances and lump sum for visiting specialists, — said the head physician of MU "UTSRB" Alexander Khalilov.

Clinic operates only a few days, and improvement work will continue. But the doctors and nurses are willing to equip their jobs, and visitors are getting used to the new environment.


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