In Usolye Siberia (Irkutsk Region) began operating the first tannery

Until now, in the Irkutsk region was not a single entity that would be involved in the collection and processing of hides of cattle. This is a valuable raw material for shoe makers and other fabricators villagers were forced to simply throw away or donate random resellers.

In December of this year, the first batch of tanned leather, "wet-blue" Usolsky will be made at a dedicated facility."Wet blue"- semi-finished product from the skin of cattle, which after painting can be used to manufacture any leather products.

Workpiece and currying pets decided to do Usolsky meat processors from "Alexis" and "Nechaevsky." Bought Italian technology, equipment, have become parties to the regional investment projects of the Ministry of Agriculture. The design capacity of the new venture — dressing up to 10,000 skins per month.

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