In Ussurijsk launched a new plant for the production of soap

Ussuri maslozhirkombinat "Maritime soy" is one of the oldest companies in the Far East. Today it produces butter, margarine, mayonnaise, and on October 20 the solemn commissioning of the plant for production of toilet and laundry soap.

"Maritime soy" is also an important processing industry of the Far East, and the opening of a new shop this position strengthens. Products SWC is already popular in North Korea, and it is possible that the company will soon Ussuri major supplier of soap for the whole of Eastern Siberia.

This event was attended by Chairman of the Duma of the ASB Nicholas Rud, deputy mayor of Vladivostok Catherine Khim and other distinguished guests. SWC Director Yury Popov told the audience about the prospects of the new plant, about the success of the enterprise as a whole, summing up by saying, "The industry is in the Primorye Territory." The ceremony ended with a tour of the shop, in which Nicholas Rud was entrusted important mission — to start the production process by pressing the red button.

Toilet soap in our province was not manufactured for 10 years, and the nearest plant for its production is located in Novosibirsk. Now, however, the local shop will produce toilet and laundry soap of the highest quality. The manufacturing process will take place on the modern equipment using the latest technological advances. According to Yuri Popov, in the manufacture of soap chips are ready to be applied from tallow, palm and coconut oils, perfumes from France, shea butter — in fact, only the most modern components.

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