In Vinnitsa built another two SES

Last week the company Rengy Development has built 2 more solar power plants (SPP) in the Vinnitsa region.

As reported byUkrainian News, total capacity of these plants is 11.5 MW.

One SES capacity of 4.5 MW, was built near the village of Gnatkiv Tomashpil area, the other is 7 MW — near the village Chernyatka Bershad region.

In the construction of these stations Rengy Development has invested around 16 million euros. 

According to the company, Dmitry Vetoshkina, new SES will annually generate about 12 million kilowatt / hour. electricity, serving the needs of about 12-13 thousand people Vinnitsa region.

Background: At the end of 2012 Rengy Development has launched two solar power plants in the region — in the villages thresholds Yampolsky district and Glubochok Trostyanetsky district.

The power of these SES is equal to 4.5 MW and 1.4 MW, respectively.

Rengy Development plans to build several solar power plants of 20-25 MW in 2013.

In October 2012 the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has allocated for the construction of solar power plant in Vinnytsia region 5.7 million euro loan Kiev group of companies Rengy Development

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