In Vladikavkaz, Russia opened its first bioethanol plant

Vladikavkaz has opened the country‘s only bioethanol plant, where a day will produce 200 tons of clean fuel produced from natural raw materials. As the project has already invested nearly one billion rubles, while the number of jobs created exceeded 300.

In December last year, production was completely without waste. Corn is grown in North Ossetia in large quantities and serving raw material for bioethanol, is now undergoing intensive processing, resulting in the company began to receive glucose, gluten and other factions demanded the "queen of the fields."

— Those products that were adverse to the first production, steel raw materials for the second cycle has closed, due to the cost of biofuels has fallen sharply — says the first deputy chairman of the government of North Ossetia — Alania Oleg Kalaev.

Ossetian bioethanol are willing to buy the Scandinavian countries, which are spelled out in the legislation of a mandatory rule of biofuels (five to seven per cent) in gasoline. And recently began shipping in the Baltic states. According to Kalaeva not far off when the cleaner fuel will be popular in our country, so Ossetian bioethanol plant is already working with the prospect of the domestic market. In addition, the country plans to organize a plant for the production of biofuels from wheat, gluten getting further and derived food products.

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