In Vladivostok, opened a factory for assembling lifts

Only in the Far East assembly plant elevators opened in Vladivostok. "Ungert Elevatorz" — a local company, which manufactures elevators based on the components of world manufacturers of elevator equipment. The plans — the deployment of production of a number of components, which will remove the dependency on imported parts.

While the plant can collect up to 10 lifts in a month, six months later it will reach its full capacity and will collect 50-60 lifts per month. The plant created 120 jobs for engineers and workers.


At this point, the plant was 2.5 years. Learned from Asian experts, but here in Primorye all shifted to its rails. The company prides itself above all quality. For the manufacture of elevators «UNGERT» Hardware used the world’s largest producers.

Dmitry Merkulov, General Director of «UNGERT elevators»: «We did not take other people’s designs. Worked on the project and set up their own elevator. "

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Each lift — the most complicated mechanism, the assembly is trusted only to professionals. By the way, the company is trying to grow their staff. For example, Michael Komkov — a recent graduate FENTU — Today indispensable expert.

Michael Komkov engineer commissioning and testing of the company «UNGERT elevators»: «Please note that we have started to move, and almost did not feel it. Speed elevators now — 1.6 meters per second. That, by the way, more than in many buildings at the moment. This is the achievement of modern technology. "

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Computerized, efficient and safe elevators built by Russian mines. Each will serve at least 25 years of age. In the year of the factory plans to produce a pipeline of 600 units. Lifts of Primorye will go to all cities of Russia. Two pilot models are already working in the homes of Ussuriysk


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