In Vladivostok, opened the first section of the new highway Sedanka-Patroclus’

In Vladivostok, November 25, 2011 was officially opened by the movement of the first portion of the road "Novy — Peninsula de Vries — Sedanka — Bay Patroclus (with a low bridge)" — From the "Sedanka" to the Bay of Patroclus.


New high-speed line to unload the transport network Vladivostok, will cut the travel time from Pershamaiski district in the suburbs and back. It will be easier to get in the airport: highway shortens the route is about three times.


The track "Novy — Peninsula de Vries — Sedanka — Bay Patroclus‘ being built in the preparation of Vladivostok for the APEC summit and will be a four-lane expressway highway stretching 42 kilometers.


The road will provide backup departure from Vladivostok, which will relieve the federal highway "Khabarovsk-Vladivostok", bypassing the health resort and recreational areas of the peninsula Muraveva-Amur. Due to the construction of the road from the airport to Vladivostok can be reached in 20 minutes. In addition, the road will connect the airport to the island of Russian.

Low water bridge "De Vries-Sedanka" plan to open in June 2012. The bridge is 4 kilometers 300 meters, width — 24 meters.

Photo by press service of the Vladivostok

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