In Vladivostok, remodel CHP-2 to go to the gas

Start up of the boiler on natural gas Vladivostok TPP-2 marked the beginning of a new stage of development of maritime power.

Modernization VTETS-2 is in full swing: the specialists of "Daltehenergo" around the clock seven days a week working on, so that by the end of September to prepare for gas power facility has two boilers, which are currently under reconstruction.

Reconstruction of Vladivostok TPP-2 with a transfer of equipment to the burning of natural gas — a rather complex but technologically interesting and important investment project, like the coastal thermal power station has ever had.

To date, completed the modernization of boiler number 2 and number 3 (one of them — № 2 — recently have launched a festive atmosphere), according to the plans by the end of September will be completed reconstruction of boiler number 5 and number 6, and by the end of the year reconstruction of boilers number 1 and number 4. Control the operation of all boilers will now be a brand new computer system, as it automates Vladivostok TPP-2.

The second stage VTETS-2 must take place no later than the fourth quarter of 2012. Starting the third phase is planned for the fourth quarter of 2013.

Experts generally satisfied with the work done: at the moment fully completed the construction of gas supply system Vladivostok TPP-2, in particular — external and internal gas pipelines, as well as a distribution point of the first phase of construction.

In parallel with the refurbishment of boilers at a station is being built fuel oil economy — emergency fuel supply system, which is able to ensure uninterrupted operation of combined heat and power boilers for five days, when all of a sudden there will be disruptions in the supply of gas.
On fuel oil pumping station completed commissioning are performed hydraulic testing, flushing and pressure testing of the system. Already built sprinkler system and a drain rack for eight vagonomest.

The investment project of "DGC", a member of JSC "RAO Energy System of East", the transfer of equipment Vladivostok TPP-2 for combustion of natural gas is realized in the framework of the federal program "Economic and Social Development of the Far East and Transbaikalia until 2013". The other day, was commissioned pipeline "Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok".

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