In Vladivostok, the opening of the main piers of the naval base of Pacific Fleet


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Work on the overhaul berthing areas and coastal infrastructure was conducted by specialists of FSUE "GUSST number 4 at Spetsstroy Russia."

The need to reconstruct berths Pacific Fleet base in Vladivostok is long overdue. During its century-long history, they only once capitally repaired. In 1917, after commissioning, these piers called "wide pier." Today it is a modern complex of berthing facilities capable of accommodating not only all existing types of ships, but also the ones that should go into service until the Pacific Fleet in 2020. During reconstruction specialists branch "UGS number 432" FSUE "GUSST number 4 at Spetsstroy Russia" actually created a new "waterfront", replaced all of the communication, providing parking and stationing ships in accordance with modern requirements, have created a system for storm water drainage from the quays . As a result of the modernization was to provide increased security berths for ships of the fleet, regardless of hydro-meteorological conditions.

High Quality Assessment of the Russian Special Construction repairs made Commander of the Navy of the Russian Federation, Admiral V.V.Chirkov after his recent visit to Vladivostok, where the flagship of the Pacific Fleet — missile cruiser "Varyag", moored at the renovated piers, visited the Minister Defense of the Russian Federation, Army General Sergei Shoigu.

At the solemn transfer of moorings Pacific Fleet Commander Rear Admiral S.I.Avakyants spetsstroevtsev thanked for their work and expressed hope for further effective cooperation in the development of resources-based fleet. Distinguished themselves in the course of reconstruction specialists FSUE "GUSST number 4 at Spetsstroy Russia" were awarded the Commander and received a departmental medal participants in the construction of the APEC summit.
The culmination of festivities was the unveiling of the monument to the commemorative plaque, which, along with the significant milestones in the history of the oldest port complex Pacific Fleet, immortalized, and labor experts Spetsstroy Russia.

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