In Vladivostok, was an international rock festival «Zabriskie Point Fest»

International music festival Zabriskie Point Fest was first held in Vladivostok. It officially opened a new concert venue, a five-thousand people and having a sound set of power more than 200 kW and lighting equipment capacity of about 250 kW, — "shop number 9."
Vladivostok is the first concert hall, which can be invited world stars, with its discovery of the city and its concert industry is waiting for a brand new chapter in cultural life.

The festival were musicians from Australia and the U.S., as well as Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, and the headliners — the St. Petersburg group "Alice" and "The King and the Clown." By organizing debut Zabriskie Point Fest, its organizers intend to initiate the sign of Vladivostok for the annual event, which each year will confirm their international status.

For the festival each resident prepared a special program.
-We recorded the song with Gordon specifically for Vladivostok, — said Patrick Ryan, the pop-punk band «Patience Project» (Australia). — We hope that our gift will like the audience. in addition, will have five songs, one of which is currently in rotation on Mtv.

Many artists relished the rocker atmosphere of the Far East.
-I have a tremendous shock to the club, from the festival, — says Edward Lytkin, guitarist from Samara. — Here you can breathe freely, to create, to feel. You have a unique city, is exceptional. All of the people with whom I have had time to get to know — great guys. Today, I am here at the invitation, but can not wait to go back again, relax and socialize with new friends.

This is not the first such concert in Vladivostok (Earlier in the festival was held, which was attended by Scorpions, Alice Cooper and The Rasmus), and, according to the organizers of the show, such events will soon become traditional for the seaside capital.

-We plan to make the festival an annual event, — says Mikhail Kogan. — In addition to the well-known bands on the concert stage will be the local musicians — beginners. You know, in America there is a recognized traditional school of rock: in Seattle. New York … Why not do the same in Vladivostok center of rock culture? I do not see any major obstacles to this. I was born and raised in Primorye, like their land, their land, and do not understand why go to Moscow and beyond in search of glory.
Soon will appear in Vladivostok serious concert hall, where everyone can try their hand at high-quality equipment, with a good sound. Perhaps in the future we will highlight a day of "open access", in which young artists will be able to speak to the guests of the club. Still not decided exactly what form it’s implemented. But the idea is, and remains to develop and bring them to life.

-This is just super! — No one holds back emotions of the audience, Alex. — It looks like a children’s delight: you want to jump, shout and dance. Inside the sheer feeling of joy. I think this show has been a boon to every rocker Primorye.

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