In Volgodonsk (Rostov region). Began construction of a plant for deep processing of grain

A quarter will increase refining capacity in the Rostov region after the commissioning in 2014 of «Don Biotechnology" for deep processing of grain for the production of amino acids in Volgodonsk.

The project partners are the German company "Evonik" — the world leader in biotechnology and specialty chemicals. The plant will produce animal feed, gluten-free, and highly effective source of the basic amino acid L-Lysine. It is planned that the annual processing capacity is 250 thousand tons of grain. With this project, the company will invest in the economy of the Don nearly 7 billion. This will create 200 new jobs.

According to the management of the company "Evonik", since the beginning of 2015 Volgodonsk can make an important contribution to the effective and sustainable meat production in Russia. 

Volgodonsk for this project is of great importance. As for the whole country and the whole of the agricultural sector. Already talked about this at a press briefing after the ceremony. Participants stressed that the construction of the plant — it is one of the steps in the development of a powerful industry. And it will start exactly at Volgodonsk.

For the record:

The production capacity of the enterprise of the future is estimated at 250 thousand tons of grain.

Performance will be about 100,000 tons of feed Biolys.

Biolys — a trademark of the amino acid L-lysine is produced by fermentation (fermentation). L-lysine is added to animal feed for its optimization. Balanced so food can significantly reduce the need for animals in the food and promotes their growth, — Said Patrick Volhauzer. — Naturally of no harm to consumers it is not conducted. 50% of the products will be sold in Russia, the rest will be delivered to the countries of Eastern Europe. The first and most important project for us — Volgodonsk. At the same time, we are building on a similar power plant in Brazil for the production of lysine as well as build the largest plant for the production of methionine in Singapore.

The plant will produce fodder for animals, gluten. Lysine — this is the main product that will be produced at the plant. This material has a high demand worldwide, its use in medicine, the preparation of confectionery and other industries. Derivatives that will be obtained in the formulation of lysine, will go to animal feed.

Russia produces 10% of the world total.

The company "Evonik" — International German company, which is considered a world leader in the development and production of chemical products. Today, it is the only company that produces just four kinds of amino acids for animals: lysine, methionine, threonine and tryptophan. The company operates in more than 100 countries and an annual turnover in 2011 amounted to 14.5 billion euros and profit before deductions — 2.8 billion euros.

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