In Volgograd, began work clearing the ship

In the area of Volgograd appeared unusual vessel — it’s practically the whole enterprise on processing of petroleum products. Dispose of waste fuel directly into the compartments. Per day can be purified to 60 tons of water. In addition, the ship collects on the surface of the river and the trash.

This is a large ship with a displacement of 1,300 tons — neither more nor less than an integrated waste processing station. The uniqueness of the vessel that it is able to utilize virtually any debris. The station can purify water as impurities from the oil, and from major household waste. As says the owner, recycling 100 percent.

In the Volgograd area is only one such ship, just as active in the country — three. This is the legacy left from the Soviet times. By order of the USSR ships produced in Finland. This giant for more than 20 years, it works flawlessly, and after overhaul "factory", as he calls the crew is able to swim for at least as much.

All waste is treated in special compartments for each type of pollution — its machinery and equipment. In the compartment for the processing of oily water waste is delivered through special pipes, where they asserted, are separated and pass filtration system, and the remaining waste oil sludge or incinerated. Only a day can be recycled 60 tons of such waste.

Waste water must be disposed in even greater numbers — 300 tons per day. According to experts, the level of processing is so high that even after cleaning the water is safe to drink. As with any ship here has its own team — two shifts, with 14 professionals. Intercede on a two-week vigil for seven people.

But as the boat with his team still without a job. Need to obtain a special license to the environmental committee authorizing the activities of the company. Once all documents are received, floating giant will be able to carry out their important mission.

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