In Vologda opened a center licensed production of thermal imaging cameras

May 29, on the basis of "Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant" center opened licensed production of thermal imaging cameras Catherine XP used to upgrade existing thermal imaging devices used in home and ekportnoy armored vehicles, as well as in future tanks sighting systems.

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the French company «Thales Optronics» («Thales optronics") of "Rosoboronexport" holding company "Schwabe", JSC "Scientific and Production Association" ORION ".

"Optical and Mechanical Plant — it is our pride. And not just because it runs two and a half thousand people, not because he is one of the major taxpayers. This company is characterized by high production standards, which is certainly important, "- said the head of Vologda Eugene Shulepov.

This year, the co VOMZ and Thales in the import thermal imaging equipment is seven years old. During the joint work has achieved significant results.

The first talks about the organization center for the maintenance and repair of thermal imaging cameras based on VOMZ passed through the mediation of "Rosoboronexport" in 2006. Then the group of experts of the company «Thales Optronics» gave its opinion on the technological readiness for development of this direction. Since there was a large volume of work on the infrastructure of the center, training with repeated trips to France. In October 2008, he held the grand opening, after which VOMZ cooperation with Thales moved into a phase of active interaction.

July 9, 2010 on the basis of "Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant" opening the assembly area of thermal imaging cameras «Catherine FC», used in the sighting system "PAS", "Plis", "Pine-U" for T-90, T- 80, T-72.

In June 2012, the international exhibition of arms «Eurosatory-2012" (Paris, France) signed a contract for the licensed production, repair and maintenance of thermal imaging cameras «Catherine XP» on the basis of "VOMZ" Vologda allowing the company to produce a new generation of cameras, work are more adapted to combat conditions.

General Director of "Thales optronics" Mr. Gilles Michelin has expressed its readiness to continue to pursue mutually beneficial cooperation with the Vologda now.

"Today is a progressive and dynamic cooperation with your company" Thales optronics, "and this, of course, gives us hope and optimism. And that means that VOMZ will continue to evolve, and for us it’s very important, " — Said the head of the city of Vologda Eugene Shulepov.

"Our cooperation is very well suited to the policies pursued by the Administration of Vologda. You have stressed the importance of the friendly relations that now exist between Vologda and the French city Elancourt " — The general director of the company "Thales optronics" Gilles Michelin.

For the Vologda region of "VOMZ" — this is another step in the development of scientific and technical cooperation, in particular with the French companies with the latest developments in this field. Opening of the Center for the licensed production of TK "Catherine-XP" on the optical-mechanical plant indicates good prospects for mutually beneficial Russian-franzuzskogo military-technical cooperation.

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