In Volosovo Leningrad Region has opened a kindergarten for 140 places

September 12 in Volosovo the opening ceremony of a new kindergarten for 140 places.

With the opening of the garden area is completely closed Volosovskiy place in kindergartens.

The cost of building a kindergarten, taking into account all costs, amounted to 143.398,572 rubles.


Kindergarten in Volosovo — one of the 6 pre-school educational institutions, the opening of which will take place before the end of the year. In addition Volosovsky will open kindergartens in Gatchina and Sertolovo Vsevolozhskogo area Schlusselburg, Lodeynoye field Budogoshch Kirishsky district.

Also in the region will be completed the reconstruction and repair of nine pre-school buildings. After the reconstruction and repair commissioned two buildings: the city of Lod in the field (with 90 seats — a former kindergarten Defense) in Kirov (80 seats).


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