In Voronezh, infectious body has opened a new regional children’s hospital number 2

December 11 in Voronezh infectious body has opened a new regional children‘s hospital number 2.

This housing for up to 150 beds, is built on the individual project and includes an intensive care unit, intensive care unit infections, modern diagnostic and receiving unit, consisting of 15 individual boxes, two boxes of intensive therapy, procedural and rapid laboratory, and 5 specialized treatment of infectious offices.

The body will operate for about twenty-needed support units and offices to provide diagnostic and treatment process, including barozal into two pressure chambers, physiotherapy department, the offices of ultrasound, MRI and functional diagnostics. There is also a small operating theater, allowing for the need to carry out on-site surgery for children with infectious diseases.

The project of the new building appeared in 2005, but its construction was completed only in December 2012. Housing cost in the amount of more than 700 million rubles, including 500 million rubles — a regional money.


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