In Voronezh plant opened «Siemens High Voltage apparatus

The official opening of the plant for the production of high-voltage equipment company «Siemens High Voltage apparatus" was held in Voronezh, July 1.

The total area of the enterprise that will produce high-grade switches and voltage of 110 kV and 220 kV, located in the industrial area of Voronezh area of the plant is about six thousand square meters. According to the president of Siemens in Russia and Central Asia, the vice-president of Siemens AG Dietrich Moeller, the total investment in the project amounted to about 200 million rubles, or five million euros. For the first three years of the company plans to create 100 jobs. As was emphasized at the opening ceremony, the plant’s products will be sold in Russia. In particular, the customer is ready to make the company IDGC of Centre.

"The discovery of the production of high-voltage switches in Voronezh — a new step in our strategy of localization of high-tech Siemens in Russia. Creating production capacity in Russia, we are expanding our presence in the country, which enjoys the special attention of the global strategy of our group — said Dietrich Möller. — We gratefully acknowledge the support of our efficient investment project Voronezh Oblast Administration.

The next step will be opening here Siemens transformer factory and a factory for the production of gas-insulated switchgear. Together with our plant high voltage circuit breakers they will enter into a new industrial cluster, which will play an important role in the global network of the energy sector Siemens ».

Governor of Voronezh Region Alexei Gordeev, who participated in the opening ceremony of the new venture, said: "We are fundamentally important that in Voronezh created the first production site world-famous by Siemens. Voronezh had contact with Siemens further 110 years ago, and now we are rebuilding this cooperation. " At a meeting with journalists the head of the region also noted that the Government of the Voronezh region is trying to create the most favorable conditions for all investors, "a Siemens — a good example of such cooperation."

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