In Voronezh, will collect the An-70

Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company (VACO) will become the center for the production of another Russian-Ukrainian new generation aircraft — AN-70, the press service of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

Cooperation agreement was signed recently between the SAC "Antonov" and the KLA. Specific obligations of the parties, the timing and amount of production is not yet secured. But, as President and Chief Designer of concern "Antonov" Dmitry Kiva in an interview with Ukrainian news agency "UNIAN" transfer of documentation and approval of the work schedule will begin "just once."

— In principle, our company is interested in this project, but the preparation for the release of the machine — a lengthy process, and expect quick change is not necessary. Let’s wait for further agreements, — the "RG" representatives VASO.

AN-70 — medium military transport aircraft short takeoff and landing. It can carry almost any army weapons and equipment weighing 35-47 tons over a distance of three to five thousand miles at a cruising speed of 700-750 kilometers per hour.

As the landing craft An-70 can throw to the goal of 300 servicemen and sanitary equipment — to evacuate more than 200 wounded. The machine is suitable for both concrete and soil for runways length of 600-700 meters. A board instruments allow you to use it on a non-equipped airfields.

The joint program of Ukraine and the Russian Federation to establish the An-70 is implemented from the beginning of the 1990s in the framework of agreements on production and scientific-technical cooperation of defense enterprises. Cooperation, however, was unstable, Russia from time to time expressed doubts as to the necessity (including political). This slowed down the development of new aircraft. Similar difficulties, by the way, was born and Ukrainian-Russian An-148, available now on the same VASO (production is also of Kiev "AVIANT" but less active).

The Protocol on the resumption of work on the design and production of the An-70 was signed by the representatives of the two countries in 2009. Russian Defense Ministry has funded, in particular, flight tests of the new machine. In 2011, the parties were looking for the optimal production site as options considered Ulyanovsk "Aviastar" then Samara "Aviacor." We stopped at the Voronezh, where he has already been established deep cooperation with Ukrainian companies and has all the conditions for the release of widebody aircraft: they plant specialized historically do here today liners of the Il-96.

At the same time, and VASO will be extremely difficult to master the production of new aircraft — the program of AN-148 and has demanded a large-scale modernization of the technological and human resources, which is not yet as fast as we would like potential customers aircraft. Information from the KLA that to build the An-70 will need to increase the number of key personnel of the enterprise. "It would be a project, but people can gain," — commented on the VACO. But for the current needs of the plant are no more than 200 skilled workers, which in the region because of the crisis of vocational training is physically not present.

Despite the high salary, trained by the industry "blue collar" often prefer the more prestigious jobs in the service sector. A subject reduction of engineering and technical workers as machine operators themselves do not see (at VACO planning just such a re-education). According to the factory trade union threatens to layoff about a thousand employees.

— UAC has no plans to reduce the absolute number of staff — said the "United Aircraft Corporation" according to the Board of Directors of the VACO. — To ensure cost-effective implementation of the production plan management personnel and engineering staff should be 30-32 percent of production workers — at least 40 percent. In order to meet the current programs is expected to increase the number of primary production staff by 13 percent … The achievement of the target structure will be carried out mainly by reducing the number of accompanying services company.

In 2012-2014, the Voronezh aircraft factory is to manufacture 21 Antonov An-148, four IL-96, as well as aircraft sets for the SSJ 100 and IL-76, units and components for Airbus and An-148/158 (in the interests of concern "Antonov"). In this case, the complexity of the production of primary products — AN-148 — for three years should be reduced by 25 percent.

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