In Vyborg appeared ski run with artificial lighting

In md. Kirov cottages completed the construction of a ski lighting system, located in a ski resort UIA MCL "Favorite". The length of the illuminated part of the route is about 3 miles away. Currently, for those who like skiing prepared circle 2.5 km. 

While the light is in the test mode every day from the moment of darkness and up to 22 hours. It is planned that the lighting will be switched on automatically during the ski season from 18-00 to 22-00. 

It is noteworthy that the construction was funded from budgetary and extra-budgetary sources. Development of the project was carried out at the expense of the city budget, the implementation of the works themselves through the joint efforts by the administration of the municipality "Vyborg district," the administration of the municipality "City of Vyborg" Ski Federation and the Vyborg district was funded from extra-budgetary sources. 

The ski run has always been a great place of public entertainment of citizens, as well as the venue for the competitions in ski racing at various levels. Building lighted ski trails will give a new impetus to the development of mass skiing in Vyborg, will make skiing a family hobby of many citizens. And, of course, and the children, and active athletes will now always be able to ski even in the evening.

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