In Wagga (Tyumen region) opened the new House of Culture

The new House of Culture are placed: a dance hall, classrooms for lessons in circles, an auditorium with 500 seats, which is several times more than in the same building. It should be noted that the construction of the House of Culture in Wagga began in 2008. The former was located in a wooden building, built in the first half of the last century, and no longer meet modern requirements.

Area of the new two-storey building is nearly 5,000 square meters. m There are 20 creative teams to work — only 437 people between the ages of 5 to 75 years. A newly built cultural center will become a cozy home to several creative studios and collectives district. It will accommodate: National Theatre of Small "VHAT", team sports dance "Rakses" — the winner of the All-Russian Festival of 2009 in Sochi, the Cossack ensemble song "Stanichniki" — winner of the regional festivals "Ringing of church bells" and "Bridge of Friendship"; choreographic ensemble "Live water "- winner of the regional festivals" Ringing of church bells "and" Bridge of Friendship "; sports dance team" Tanya "- winner of the regional festival" Golden Domes ".

It should also be noted that this is the second object, which opens in Wagga over the past few months. So, at the end of November last year, the head of the region opened in Wagga new modern sports complex.

Tomorrow will celebrate the housewarming in Tobolsk. Here, after the reconstruction of the kindergarten will open nearly 200 locations, who will be able to visit and very young tobolyaki and a half to three years. For them, on the ground floor of a kindergarten housed four nurseries. The kindergarten has everything you need for training and development of kids: music and sports halls, a medical unit and a swimming pool.

In addition, after major repairs and restoration in Tobolsk will open a historic building — the house of the merchant Petlischeva, which once were female diocesan school, and then night school.

In the restored bit by bit building now accommodates icon-painting workshops. The old mansion in the style of late classicism XIX century will be another jewel of the city and the object of tourist display.

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