In which of the temples of God to be (parable)

In one of the many human settlements in the world people lived happily. Families in the settlement was ninety-nine. Each of the families beautiful house, decorated with intricate carvings. The garden around the house fruited annually. Sam vegetables and berries to grow. People joyfully welcomed spring and summer enjoyed. Cheerful, friendly holidays Death songs were born dances. In the winter of rejoicing everyday people rested. And contemplating the heavens, trying to decide — can be miles stars and the moon in the patterns better than it is, to weave. In three years, once in the month of July, the people gathered together in a clearing at the outskirts of the village of their own. In three years, once their questions voice of God answered usual. Invisible to the eye gaze normal, every God was palpable. And with every resident of the village of deciding how to better the lives of days to build a future. There was a philosophical conversation of people and God, and sometimes quite simple, playful. [Cut] For example, a middle-aged man stood up and said to God: — What are you, God, for a holiday this summer, with the dawn when we all got together and rain drench all become? Rain poured down to dinner as if the sky falls, for lunch the sun was shining. What, you sleep till noon? — Do not sleep — God answered — with the dawn, I thought, how best to proceed, that holiday was a success. I saw how some of you are going on holiday, too lazy to bathe in clean water. What to do? Spoil your holiday overlooking the wicked. So I decided first of all to wash, then dispel the clouds and rays of sun-washed with water to caress the body of men. — Well, if that is so — the man agreed, stealing food crumbs from his mustache brushed and around the mouth of his son was scrubbed blueberry paint. — Tell me, God — God asked the man — aged pensive philosopher — on us a lot of stars in the sky, which means they are whimsical drawing? Can I stake my heart will choose your favorite star, when bored with life on earth, to live there with his family? — Figure heavenly bodies twinkling in the darkness, of life throughout the universe reported. Relaxation and self-discipline of the soul will read the book of the sky. Do not idle curiosity il book the sky opened and the thoughts of a clean and meaningful. And you can settle on the star. And everyone can choose for themselves the heavenly planet. The condition for this is necessary to keep only one. Able to become — the best of creation than on Earth, on a star you selected. On the grass sprang up quite a young girl, threw her hair light brown shoulders, face up with a snub nose, and raised his hands resting on her hips defiantly, suddenly said to God — And I have a claim against you is, God. Two years I’ve been waiting impatiently to express his claim. Now say. Some kind of disorder, an abnormality in the world is going on. All people how people live, fall in love, get married, but having fun. And what I blame? As soon as spring comes, the cheeks of my konopushechki act. Do not wash them does not paint. What, you thought them up for fun, God? I demand that the new spring does not appear to me more than any konopushechki. — O my daughter. Not konopushechki, vesnushechki on your beautiful little face appear in the spring. But I will call them as you wish. Kohl inconvenience konopushki you think its for myself, I’ll take them next spring — girl God answered. But it got to the other side of the clearing a handsome young man, looking down said softly, turning to God: — A lot of cases we have to accomplish in the spring. You, God, and are striving in every case be involved. What do you need to konopushechki account its spending. In addition, they are so beautiful, that image is more beautiful than a young maiden with konopushki, I can not imagine. — So what do you do? — God said thoughtfully. — Asked the maid, I promised her — Yes, as it is "What do I do?" — Once again intervened in the conversation virgin, because people say, "do not konopushki, other important matters must be dealt with," And if we are talking about freckles, so I mean, that you can add two more, so for symmetry, here on the right cheek. God smiled, it was obvious by the way the people were smiling. Everyone knew, soon to be born of love a beautiful new family in their villages. So people live with God in the wonderful The village in volume. Then one day came to him a hundred wise men. People are always welcoming guests were welcomed any food. The fruit tasted great sages and admired the unusual taste. Then one of them said — Oh, people, life is measured, your fine. Prosperity in every home and comfort. But there is no culture in communication with God. No praise, worship of the Deity. — But why? — Alarmed residents tried to protest. — We spoke with God, with each other. Deal in three years once. But every day he gets sun. The garden around the house is busy bee with each spring. In winter the snow covers the ground. His works are clear to us, and each of the time we are happy. — Not so arranged from you — our sages said. — We have come to learn to communicate with God. All over the world he built palaces and temples. They are every day people can communicate with God. And we’ll teach you. Three years heed the wise people of the village. Each of the one hundred and defended his theory of how best to build a temple to God, what to do in the temple every day. They each had their own theory of Zion. Residents of the villages did not know what kind of a hundred intricate choose. Also, how to do so, so as not to offend the wise men? And they decided, all listening, build temples all. One for each family. But it was in that village ninety-nine families, as was the wise one. Upon hearing the decision of all residents were worried sages. Someone temple, so do not get, and someone does not get gifts. They began to argue among themselves, whose theories of the worship of God effectively. And the inhabitants of the village were involved in a dispute. The dispute flared up, and for the first time in many years, the villagers have forgotten about the time of communion with God. Not come as before, a clearing in the day suspended sentence. Another three years have passed. Around the village there were ninety-nine magnificent temples, and only the excess is not really shining new. Of the vegetables was not cleaned. Yes fruit garden worms have been there. — All of this because — broadcast in different churches sages — that there is no complete faith in you. Gifts carry over into the temple, diligently, often worship God. Only a wise man, the one who remained without a temple, then stole one, and then another reported: — Not all the people you’ve done. Not all of the designs ponastroennye temples. And they worshiped in the temples you are wrong, those words are not in utter their prayers. I have only one I can teach you how with God every day, you can communicate. Once he managed to persuade someone, a new church was built, and the right of the existing dilapidated one. Again, one of the wise men, finding themselves without offerings, stealing the people sought to discredit the other. Many years have passed. Once people are reminded of their previous meetings on the clearing where God’s voice heard. Again gathered in the clearing and began to ask questions with the hope that God will hear them, as before will answer: — Answer to us why it happened that our worm-eaten fruit gardens bring? And why not every year in the gardens vegetables grows up? And why are quarreling among themselves, fighting, arguing people, but faith to choose the best for everyone simply can not? Tell me which of the temples built for you, do you live? Do not answer their questions long God. When the voice to sound in space, it was not fun — tired. God answered the audience: — My sons and my daughters, in your homes, surrounded by gardens, desolation today because I did not catch one.
Everything is conceived initially dream that only by working together with you to create the perfect I can. But you turned in part on the garden-house of his own. One I do not have time, The Creation of the joint should be. I want to say to you all: love and freedom of choice in you, for I am ready to follow your dream aspiration. But you come in, dear sons and my daughters, which of the temples should I settle? Before me you are all equal, so where should I be, so no one was left in the offense? When you decide the question, which of the temples should settle down, I will follow the will of the joint. So God said, and all was silent. And the people of the village that once was beautiful, and to this day are still dispute. In the homes of their desolation and decay. Around all of the above temples — a dispute sharper.

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