In Yakutia launched an upgraded satellite communication system

November 1 in Yakutia earned a modernized system of satellite communication SkyEdge II, which will improve the quality of communication, in particular, provide an opportunity to medical video consultation with doctors from remote areas. As reported by "FederalPress" the press service of the republican government, is now running the central earth station SkyEdge II with 6.5 m antenna system, installed nine stations in nine ulus centers of the region.


"In 2005, became operational technology satellite communication network of the Ministry of Finance of Yakutia, — According to the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic. — Thanks to her, the communication with the ulus 34 centers and 66 villages for the automated execution of the budget process. SkyEdge II will increase the efficiency by 30%. During today’s presentation of the check took place video calls with the administration and Zhigansky Olenek areas. Representatives uluses confirmed that the signal is improved and the data rate increased. "

The press service of the regional government noted: upgrade will allow districts to carry out much faster workflow, and to take prompt transfer budget, organize the smooth video conferencing. Also in the future, it will allow residents of the villages quickly receive public services under the "e-Government". In addition, the planned installation of video conferencing systems in 12 bodies of executive power. This should ease the burden on the Ministry of Finance videoconferencing room.

"The whole of Yakutia will not be entangled fiber-optic network — this will be only the capital and surrounding areas of the republic, — Said at the presentation of the vice-premier Alexander Borisov, Yakutia. — And other areas will use satellite communications. Treasury Technology Network has been integrated into the system of e-government. According to the All-Russian magazine "Gosmenedzhment", which is monitoring the regions’ readiness for the transition to e-government, Yakutia has risen from 70 th to 28 th place in readiness. "

As reported by "FederalPress", controlled by Russian Railways Company "TransTeleKom" plans to hold a fiber optic backbone link to Yakutsk, in December 2012. In addition, to provide high-speed Internet access and high-quality communication inhabitants of remote villages in the third quarter of 2012, plans to launch space communication satellite "Express-AM5," which will be located along the 140 degrees east longitude.

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