In Yakutia mounted vysokokvoltnoy important part of power line

Under the program, an external power supply to the south-west of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the pipeline system "Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean", "Far Eastern Energy Management Company" section mounted high voltage 220 kV line in the area, "Chernyshevsky — Mirny — Lensk — Peleduy" with further branch line to NPC number 14.

Fully completed construction of the first chain in the area, "Chernyshevsky — Mirny" length of 93 km. At 60% complete construction of the second circuit. The remaining part will be built on the site of the power lines built in 1967, decommissioned.

The project envisages the construction of innovation. So the newly mounted section have been used in the construction of modern multi-faceted metal supports, which are highly reliable and durable, they are also resistant to wind and ice load. In comparison with these structures previously used for the assembly of polyhedral metal poles require less space and only one pile, which can significantly reduce the installation process.

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